The real cause of ageing is far simpler than we suspect.

Ivana Smetana - FotoI managed to discover the previously hidden, universal cause of ageing back in late 1983 and was then able to unequivocally explain the ageing process.

I would like to share the results of my empirical research (private research of ageing) with you:


  1. The „ageing“ phenomenon is a genetically programmed material poisoning (intoxication) of our organism. This is caused by certain chemical elements and substances, which we primarily ingest with our daily diet. Put simply and reduced to the key fact, this means that:

    „People age because they eat!“

  2. Ageing does not start at or from a specific age, but is instead an active toxic process in our bodies from the start of life. The process is merely invisible for a while and only later becomes clearly recognizable. An active detoxication of the organism counters the natural, automatic poisoning throughout the lifecycle. We can positively influence the ageing process by reducing the intoxication level to a minimum and extending the detoxication ability of our organism for a longer period.
  3. Although the ageing process is encoded in our genes, the process itself is not driven by them directly, but by the quantity or by the amount, the sum of specific chemical elements and substances respectively that we supply to our organism throughout our live. Activity of genes is subordinate to these substances and their effects.
  4. The „life“ phenomenon is a natural rhythm with the physical characteristics of oscillation. This oscillation consists of impulses to the genetically programmed intoxication (the ageing) and impulses to the detoxication (reviving) of the organism. A steady change of both impulses represents the primary life oscillation = the oscillation of the life = the life.


More Information you find in my publications. Thank you for your interest in my research.